You could take time to see the maps below as they could help you trace the places that you would want to see and visit. Apart from the maps, you can also find daily weather check here. This could help you pinpoint the best dates to have your vacations on the beautiful beaches of Greece.

Useful maps for the traveller that intends to visit the beach of Kourouta for first time. You can access Kourouta beacha mainly from the National road of Patras-Pyrgos. As appears in the corresponding map Kourouta beach is found in the 80th kilometer of National road of Patras-Pyrgos hardly 3 kilometres from the city of Amaliada. The visitor that comes from another country abroad can reach to the region with airplane to Athens or to  the airports of Araxos and Andravida or with boat to the harbour of Patras from Italy and from there via the road network or with the means of mass transport, train or bus.





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= Satellite Photo

General map of Greece.


Access map.

Kourouta map.


General map of region.

Palouki map.





Watch analytically the present weather situation of time in the wider region of Kourouta beach Amaliada. Recover the data from the valid web-site on current meteorological state and read the forecast of time present and for the next 4 days also.






Telephones that might be useful :

  • Train Station of Amaliada
(+30) 2622028483
  • Bus Station of Amaliada
(+30) 2622028892
  • Radio Taxi of Amaliada
(+30) 2622022392
  • Hospital of Amaliada
(+30) 2622022222
  • Police Station of Amaliada
(+30) 2622038210
  • Fire Department of Amaliada
(+30) 2622028536
  • Port Authority of Palouki
(+30) 2622025500
  • City Hall of Amaliada
(+30) 2622038500
  • KEP of Amaliada
(+30) 2622038410



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