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-We believe that in today’s market anybody has the ability to invest in real estate, regardless their professional activity .However the process of choosing how to invest in real estate is far from being simple and requires the insightful advice of a professional with the right know-how.

-The real estate firm Vasilopoulos was established in October 2004, and as founders and partners of this firm we aim to develop both a new profile and a way of operating in the real estate market

-Our firm represents a rich customer base that descends in multiple market sections such as sales and rentals of housing, business, commercial, tourist and rural properties as well as in the market of property exchange.

-Our firm stands out for its professional conscientiousness and adamantly abides by the code of ethics, set by the Realtors Association of Greece in which we are full members.

-We value full hearted the closing of a transaction just by knowing that we are the cause for the sale’s party to capitalize on its sale and for the buying party to become a real estate investor.

-With the variety of our real estate offers as well as with the use of digital technology we can guide you effectively in selecting the property that will fulfill your investment needs.

-Our web page is a useful guide for fast searching in tens of real estate listings, property photos and explanatory information that will make your navigation in real estate not only interesting but also meaningful.

-Feel free to contact us and we will inform you with every possible detail of the investing aspects in real estate.

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